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Located by the shores, on the north end of Lake Superior, this First Nation owned gas bar serves not only the local community, but the travelers that pass by throughout the year.

You will find many different types of native crafts, as well as your usual modern day items. We carry cell phone accessories, mitts, dreamcatchers, chokers, sweet grass, earrings, ball caps, and sweaters, just to name a few.

Ultramar provides us with the different fuels we carry once a week. Available are gasoline, clear diesel, and dyed diesel. The pricing is usually updated on the Wednesday of each week, depending if the cost has changed or not.

The construction workers nearby keep us very busy in the winter season. Hot Dog Day every Thursday sure helps satiate the appetite. Other “to go” meals you can find here are delicious sandwiches, pastries, bannock burgers, and moose pepperettes – a delicacy of the Native People. Blueberry pies are available as well, depending on the season.

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You never know what new items you are going to find here. So come on down and have a browse!

Find us at:

10A Powwow Drive
Pays Plat, ON
P0T 3C0

Call us at: (807) 824-1222


Pays Plat First Nation

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10 Central Place

Pays Plat, ON

P0T 3C0

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