Pays Plat continuously engages in the economic development initiatives presented by Northwestern Ontario.

Kenogami Forest Agreement

Pays Plat had a 3-year agreement from 2013-2016 to supply the AV Terrace Bay pulp mill with wood from the Kenogami Forest. 

Auguasabon Hydro

Pays Plat First Nation is currently pursuing the development of a 10 megawatt generating station in partnership with Biigtigong Nishnaabeg.

East-West Tie Project

Training to help prepare for employment opportunities with the East-West Tie Transmission Project that will see the construction of a 230 kilovolt transmission line connecting the Wawa transmission station to the Lakehead transmission station.

The economic development department of Pays Plat is a progressive, forward-thinking team, dedicated to forming and maintaining mutually beneficial partnerships. The community is a part of Supercom Industries and has formed working relationships with AV Terrace Bay, Confederation College, the City of Thunder Bay, and numerous industry organizations.

Economic Development Officer

Our EDO helps support and improve the economy in Pays Plat First Nation. By identifying needs and gaps in our economic development, we can create a plan that supports a successful future.

Bio forthcoming.

Consultation Protocol

The consultation protocol was identified as a framework to ensure that Pays Plat has an effective consultation approach that protects their rights among governments, First Nations, and other corporations. It also allows them to exercise their jurisdiction over social, economic, lands, and natural resource interests.
Ultimately, this protocol provides First Nation with the opportunity to participate in and make informed decisions.

Bio forthcoming.

Supercom Industries

Supercom is a 100% First Nation owned business that represents 6 First Nations including Pays Plat. The current high priority project being undertaken is the East West Tie Transmission Project.

Business Development

Working on developing and executing growth strategies to make Pays Plat’s business goals a reality.


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