Pays Plat continuously engages in the economic development initiatives presented by Northwestern Ontario.

Kenogami Forest Agreement

Pays Plat had a 3-year agreement from 2013-2016 to supply the AV Terrace Bay pulp mill with wood from the Kenogami Forest. 

Marathon Palladium Project

GenPGM is proposing to construct, operate, and decommission an open pit palladium mine. Pays Plat is currently part of the consultation process with the review panel to submit information for the environmental assessment.

Supercom Industries

In partnership with five other First Nation communities, Pays Plat is training to help prepare for employment opportunities with the East-West Tie Transmission Project that will see the construction of a 230 kilovolt transmission line connecting the Wawa transmission station to the Lakehead transmission station.

The economic development department of Pays Plat is a progressive, forward-thinking team, dedicated to forming and maintaining mutually beneficial partnerships. The community is a part of Supercom Industries and has formed working relationships with AV Terrace Bay, Confederation College, the City of Thunder Bay, and numerous industry organizations.

Economic Development Officer

Our EDO helps support and improve the economy in Pays Plat First Nation. By identifying needs and gaps in our economic development, we can create a plan that supports a successful future.

Douglas Moses is the Economic Development Officer for Pays Plat First Nation. His role is responsible for stimulating local economy and developing economic initiatives and opportunities for the community. He provides information and coaching in the areas of business planning and development, and assists in sourcing funding both for individual and band-owned businesses.

Consultation Protocol

The consultation protocol was identified as a framework to ensure that Pays Plat has an effective consultation approach that protects their rights among governments, First Nations, and other corporations. It also allows them to exercise their jurisdiction over social, economic, lands, and natural resource interests. Ultimately, this protocol provides First Nation with the opportunity to participate in and make informed decisions.

Mary Hardy is the Consultation Protocol Officer for Pays Plat First Nation.

She is ratifying a Consultation Protocol document, created by predecessors, to assist relationship building between Industry/Ministry and Pays Plat First Nation.

Using the Consultation Protocol, she mediates interactions and conversations between working groups, ensuring that Pays Plat First Nation’s interests are always acknowledged and represented in these discussions.

Pawgwasheeng Economic Development Corporation

PEDC was created in response to the numerous opportunities existing in and around Pays Plat First Nation. Driven by the need to create strategic alliances, PEDC holds regular meetings to engage with groups interested in working together. You can check out the Facebook page here for updates and new developments!

If you have any questions or would like to reach out to PEDC, email Ginny Michano at

Our Mission

Pawgwasheeng Economic Development Corporation (PEDC) is a 100% owned indigenous corporation by Pawgwasheeng, Pays Plat First Nation (PPFN). PEDC creates and maximizes economic development and business opportunities that promote the growth of our community and membership. We are committed to upholding our values, while maintaining dignity and respect for our traditional territory and ways of life.

Our Vision

Pays Plat First Nation will prosper from the many opportunities in our area. PEDC will grow sustainable and meaningful opportunities for the Pays Plat community and our region that embrace our rich culture of respecting the land.

Job Board

The Outland Youth Employment Program is hiring for Crew Leaders in Training & Camp Chefs. Positions are available in Ontario, Manitoba, British Columbia & Alberta. Applications are open!



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