The administration team keeps our community running smoothly, and our future on track.

Chief Executive Officer

Managing the overall operations at Pays Plat First Nation, the CEO is responsible for guiding a strategic direction that promotes sustainable growth. They support informed decision-making by maintaining a vision throughout community processes, and lead communications with both internal and external groups.

John has been working with First Nations entities since his graduation from Lakehead University in 1992, where he received his Bachelor of Business Administration. After working with communities and Tribal Councils, John landed at Pays Plat in 2007. In 2008, he became the Chief Executive Officer for the community and has held the position since.

John has a number of duties that keep the community moving forward and working towards their goals. He manages all staff and departments, oversees community assets and infrastructure, and administers high level financial responsibilities as well as the On Reserve Housing Program. In addition to this, he has become a lead alongside Chief & Council on many projects, including the Comprehensive Land Claim and the Addition to Reserve project. He has also taken on the lead role with the MTO Road and Bridge projects.

It has been his pleasure to serve and be employed by Pays Plat First Nation over the years. He looks forward to the bright future the community has, and applauds the forward thinking leadership that has led the community towards it.

Chief & Council Liaison

The liaison for Chief & Council provides support and assistance with matters relating to the governance of the community. The working relationships that they develop both in and outside of the community help cultivate sustainable growth and development.

Paula is the Chief and Council Liaison for Pays Plat First Nation. She is responsible for setting up meetings and documenting all of the discussions and decisions that occur in them, as well as pass along any information that Chief and Council should be aware of. Paula also administers the Pays Plat Facebook page, and helps to ensure that members are aware of the latest news and updates for and about their community.

In addition to keeping Chief and Council informed about upcoming meetings and events, Paula operates the Wood Lot in the community, and acts as administrator for Ontario Works. Her many roles support both the wellbeing of members and the day-to-day coordination of Pays Plat First Nation Leadership.


Our dedicated finance officer takes care of all transactions for the community. They are a strategic partner to the CEO and directly assist in the financial health of the Pays Plat.

Dwayne has been the Finance Officer for Pays Plat First Nation since 2011 and holds over 30 years of accounting experience. His primary responsibilities include financial planning, accurate record-keeping, financial reporting, budget development, audit participation, and data analysis. Dwayne is also an active member of both the Canadian and Ontario chapters of the Aboriginal Finance Officers Association (AFOA). He also volunteers his time at the annual Pow Wow as well as other community events

He is also a proud father of two boys who have taught him to have unconditional love, patience, and respect in everything that he does. Dwayne will do his best to assist you with anything you need and has an open door policy so you can drop by any time.


We have a dedicated Indian Registration Administrator that can help with all matters relating to Indigenous Services Canada, and can assist band members apply for status, and status cards.


Our governance coordinator engages with both Leadership and members to oversee the coordination and facilitation of regulatory governing operations within Pays Plat First Nation. With their support, the community maintains a proactive and progressive government.


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