Ontario Works

Are you in need of financial support? Ontario Works can provide you with social assistance and help you cover the many costs of living. We have an Ontario Works representative in the community that can lead you in the right direction.

Paula Kinney

Paula is the Chief & Council Liaison for Pays Plat First Nation. She also administers the Pays Plat Facebook page, and helps to ensure that members are aware of the latest news and updates for and about their community.

In addition to keeping everyone informed about upcoming meetings and events, Paula operates the Wood Lot in the community, and acts as administrator for Ontario Works. Her many roles support both the wellbeing of members and the day-to-day coordination of Pays Plat First Nation Leadership.

Explore the options available to you for social and financial assistance.

Ontario Works can help support you and your family by proving employment opportunities, income to cover your basic needs, and access to a range of services.

Follow the link to take a closer look at the social services that are available to you and your family.

There are a number of financial supports out there to get you through whatever situation you are in.

Check out these additional resources that can help you access more support where you need it.


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